Small Groups

We believe that the best way for Christians to grow is together! That's the motive behind our small groups ministry. Our small groups operate on 13-week cycles. The next 13-week cycle begins the week of February 12th. Below you can preview what each group will be studying and you can find out when and where groups meet. Choose a group based on topic or time and location. Whatever you do, don't miss out on being a part of the life-change that happens in small groups.

  • Be Joyful

    Hosted by Greg & Roxie Tyler

    In spite of his dire situation as a prisoner in a Roman jail, Paul's letter to the church at Philippi overflows with joy. Discover Paul's secret to finding joy in Christ as Dr. Warren Wiersbe leads you on a verse-by-verse tour through the book of Philippians. Take notice of how Paul's single-minded focus remains on Jesus and learn how your joy can also be complete in Christ. This small group study will take place on Wednesdays at 6:30pm in the Elevate Building. To sign up, click here.

  • Counter Culture

    hosted by wes & Rachel Kennedy

    In this day when social issues are creating clear dividing lines in society, moral and political neutrality is not an option for those who believe the gospel. It's simply not enough to focus only on those issues that are most comfortable-and least costly-to us. Join David Platt as he invites us to fix our gaze on the holiness, goodness, love, truth, justice, authority, and mercy of God revealed in the gospel and to live with conviction, courage, and compassion in the midst of a culture that is drifting further from the truth every day. This small groups study takes place on Thursdays at 6:30pm in Wes and Rachel's home. Their home is located at 2127 Eight Mile Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45244. To sign up, click here.

  • Balancing Life's Demands

    Hosted by Mark & Christy Goodspeed

    Are you busy, stressed out, and stretched to the limit? Does life seem a little out of control? Are you running long on "to do's" and short on time? In this series you will learn how to "put first things first" and find peace in the midst of pressure and adversity. This isn't about clichés or quick fixes, just practical biblical insights to help you order your personal life. This small group study will take place on Tuesdays at 6:30pm at the home of Mark & Christy Goodspeed. Their home is located at 1058 Shayler Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45245. To sign up, click here.

  • not a fan (young adult)

    hosted by mike & Sandy ballard

    Hosted by Mike & Sandy Ballard

    Are you a follower of Jesus? Don't answer too quickly! Not a Fan calls you to consider the demands and rewards of being a trued disciple. With frankness sprinkled with humor, Pastor Kyle Idleman invites you to live the way Jesus lived, love the way Jesus loved, pray the way Jesus prayed, and never give up living for the One who gave His all for you. This young adult group meets on Thursdays at 5:30pm in the main auditorium of the church. To sign up, click here.

  • Be a man (Elev8)

    Hosted by Reed & Caitie Rogers

    Be a Man is a 7-chapter study that will help young men understand biblical manhood, come together to pursue Christ, and hold each other accountable to the Godward call in the hope that they will grow to be more like Christ and be used by Him to expand His kingdom. Be a Man identifies and expands upon seven key aspects of discipleship that are essential to the spiritual development of any young man who longs to grow in Christ. This group meets on Thursdays at 5:30pm in the Elevate Building. To sign up, click here.

  • True woman 101 (elev8)

    Hosted by Reed & Caitie Rogers

    What does it mean to be a woman? The current cultural idea for womanhood encourages women to be strident, self-centered, independent-and above all-powerful and in control. But sadly, this model of womanhood hasn't delivered the happiness and fulfillment it promises. The Bible teaches that it's not up to us to decide what womanhood is all about. God created male and female for very specific purposes. HIs design isn't arbitrary or unimportant. It is very intentional and He wants women to discover, embrace, and delight in the beauty of His design. He's looking for True Women! Come discover the fundamentals of biblical womanhood in this 8-week study. This group meets on Thursdays at 5:30pm in the Elevate Building. To sign up, click here